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Lamp Repair

There aren't very many people these days that repair lamps. Here at L & M we can take those old lamps and make them work and look like new again. And those new lamps, well maybe they need a different switch or maybe a little different look? Just bring them in and tell us what you want and we will do everything we can to make them look the way you want. Say you have an old Chandelier that your mom had or grandmother had and it just doesn't work anymore, we can rewire or restore it, add new sockets and make it work like new again, but still look like the original antique that it is. So remember lamps that don't work but you really like it or can't quite find one you do like — Take it to L & M and we will make it like new again! If you are looking for new Lamps — Fixtures or Ceiling Fans, call or friends at he Lamp Outlet for all those new items. But remember if they need to be altered in anyway bring to us before you go home. Thanks again and we hope we see you soon!