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Complete Motor Repair Center

Complete Motor Repair Center

Standard NEMA T Frames | Grain Bin Fans
Well Motors | Metric Motors | Pool & Spa Motors
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Standard NEMA T Frames | Grain Bin Fans | Well Motors | Metric Motors | Vertical Hollow Shaft | Saw Motors | Pool & Spa Motors | HVAC | Air Compressor | DC Motors

Our Story

L&M Electric Motors was established back in 1988, by the Owner, Tim Leonard. Before then, Tim followed his dreams of becoming a wrestler. He spent his time traveling and doing what he loved until he was injured in 1982 . After that, he began working at Electric Motors and Sales here in Jonesboro Arkansas. There, he was taught to do tear down and do minor repairs to motors, were he then proceeded to learn how to rewind motors. A few years after that, he decided to take this career further and start managing Arkansas Industrial Motors. 1988 was the year Tim built L&M Electric Motors. 30 full years later, and a total of 60 years of experience, L&M is now the only electric motor shop in North East Arkansas. We proudly serve and support farmers, factories, and customers.

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Tim and his employees are super nice! They actually want to help you out! Super friendly and does good work in a very reasonable time for a reasonable price!

Geena C.

This is one of my favorite places in town! My lamp breaks ~ I take it to L&M Motors and they fix it, my flat iron quits ~ I take it to L&M and they fix it. Same with my vacuum and they have also fixed my label maker. They fix lots of things so ASK before you just toss it away.

Amy B.

I have a very expensive industrial air pump that provides the majority of the aeration for my aquatics shop here in Jonesboro called Reef Escapes. The pump hadbeen running for almost 20 years 24/7 with little interruption. This morning, the bearings started to go and it sounded like an alarm was going off in the shop. I tried my usual maintenance procedure on the pump with no success. So, I quickly pulled it off of the aquatics system and took it down to L&M. After explaining to the super friendly lady up front my issue, they immediately began working on the pump and had it ready before noon for an extremely reasonable price. They saved thousands of fish lives this morning and I will certainly be back with other projects down the road. Thank you very much for outstanding and timely customer service. From Reef Escapes LLC. here in Jonesboro, AR.

Chuck V.

If you want something fixed and timely this is the place to go. I thought I was gonna have to buy a new heat press and talked to Courtney at L&M and so glad I did. They had it repaired by the next day and saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend this place for any repairs on electrical stuff.

Angie R.


Proudly Serving North East Arkansas for over 30 years!